Dale Arenson

Dale Arenson set a new world record. Dale shot a 2.178″ 5-shot group at 1000 yards in Light Gun at the May 2013 FCSA Match in Raton, NM. His group breaks the previous record by 0.425″. Dale uses TenX bullets, RWS cases, RWS primers and RL50 powder. Dale also brought home first place in Light Gun Score, Light Gun Group (of course!) and Heavy Gun Group, as well as Two Gun Champion.


Dale shot first place in Two Gun at the 2012 FCSA World Championship match in Raton. Dale also shot first in Light Gun group and score for the second year in a row, won first in Heavy Gun score, and brought home the Skip Talbot trophy for small group in Heavy Gun and the Lynn McMurdo trophy for small group in Light Gun — all using the TenX 795 grain match bore rider bullet and RWS primers and brass. Dale also set a new world record light gun score at the September 2011 FSCA Match in Raton.


Dale’s BAT action light gun, with Fred Feddersen barrel, Armalite Brake, Tom Manners stock, Jewell trigger and topped with a Leupold Mark IV Tactical scope, and sitting in Ransom Mega Rests, holds two world records and has won Light Gun Group and Score at the FCSA World Championship match the last three years in a row. He has been shooting the Ten X 795 grain bullet with RWS cases and primers with Alliant’s ReLoader 50 powder. Gunsmithing was done by Dan Pedersen of Classic Barrel in Prescott, Arizona.

buckle            unnamed

In 2012, Jim and Nancy Schmitt of Arizona Ammunition introduced and sponsored the first FCSA World Championship Belt Buckle, to be awarded to the winner of the overall Two Gun (”Top Gun”), in addition to the match winning plaque. Dale was the first one to be lucky enough to win this coveted trophy.

Again in the 2014 FCSA World Championships, Dale has won the Two Gun award, receiving yet another of these beautiful belt buckles. Thank you again Jim and Nancy!