Jeff Billotte

Jeff Billotte

Jeff Billotte shoots the Ten X 795 grain bore rider bullet with RWS cases and primers, along with 20N29 powder in his modified Armalite AR-50. He is a consistent first place finisher.

Here are some of Jeff’s wins to date;

Spring Raton Regional, 2012

1st Two Gun, combined agg of 21.64

This was won in very windy conditions, with gusts as high as 59 mph during record shooting periods.

Fall Raton Regional, 2012

Smallest Group of the match, 3.25”

Spring Raton Regional, 2013

1st Unlimited Score 290-10X

With Jeff’s help, along with Walt Wilkinson and Dale Arenson, Ten X Bullets won six out of the eight class/categories at the match.

Fall Raton Regional, 2013;

First in Two Gun,

First, Heavy Gun Score, 288-9X,

First, Unlimited Score, 290-11X,

First, Unlimited Group Aggregate, 8.06”,

Smallest group of the match, a 3.375”.

Jeff also shot a 50-5X.

Of the eight Class/Categories (group and score) of the match, Jeff helped Ten X Bullets to win five of them.

At the 2013 FCSA World Championship match, He was third in the overall ”Two Gun”, putting Ten X Bullets in two of the top three slots for best overall shooters of the match. Jeff also placed in the top five in both Heavy and Unlimited.

Spring Regional at Raton, N.M.

Jeff took first in Heavy Gun Group with a 8.875” aggregate, and shot the smallest group of the match……. AGAIN, with a 3.438” group.  Nice shooting Jeff.

July 4th, FCSA World Championships, Raton, N.M.

Jeff Joined Team Ten X to help win the Team Competition, Shooting in the Unlimited slot, he placed fourth in group to help push the team over the top to win First in the combined aggregate.

Stay tuned for more of Jeff’s successes with Ten X Bullets.