Walt Wilkinson

Walt Wilkinson and Steyr HS.50Congratulations Walt!

Former Army Special Forces Sergeant Major, Walt Wilkinson shot a 274-6X to win first place in the 2012 FCSA World Championship Hunter class. Walt also won the World Championship Practical match for the third year in a row (with ball ammo).

In 2014 (see below), Walt did it again, winning Hunter Score at the FCSA World Championships with an impressive 283-7X.

In the FCSA 1,000 yard matches, he has been using a bullet Ten X developed for his bore, along with RWS cases, RWS primers and RL50 powder in his stock Steyr HS.50. Click over to Steyr’s report for more on Walt and his approach.

Walt also joined Michelle Chestnut, Dr. Mike Clifford, and Dale Arenson on Team Ten X to win the 2012 Team World Championship with a combination score of 19.508.


Here is some of Walt’s other recent successes since he has been shooting Ten X Bullets;

Fall Raton Regional, 2011;

1st Place Hunter Group 10.97”

1st Place Hunter Score 279-7X

Spring Raton Regional, 2012;

1st Place Hunter Group 26.64”

1st Place Hunter Score 255-0X

(this match was shot in very high winds)

Fall Raton Regional, 2012;

1st Place Hunter Score 275-6X

1st Place Hunter Group 15.47”

Spring Raton Regional, 2013;

1st Place Hunter Score 287-9X

1st Place Hunter Group 12.90”

Spring Alliance Match 2013;

1st place Light Gun Score 272-3X

1st place Hunter Score 267-3

Notice at Alliance that Walt won Light Gun Score while shooting his stock Steyr off of the grouned. He was also 2nd in Two Gun out of a field of 12 shooters, most of them shooting bench rest guns.

Spring Regional match at Raton, N.M. May 2014

Walt won 1st in Hunter Class Group with a 13.3” aggregate, and was a close second in Hunter Score with a 281-4x

2014 FCSA World Championships at Raton, July 4
Once again Walt showed everyone how it’s done by shooting his Steyr off the ground only, in tricky winds. Not surprisingly winning Hunter Score again, placing in score in Light Gun while competing with mostly bench rest guns in a field of 32 shooters. Also helping to put Team Ten X in the winner’s circle with his winning of Hunter Score. He also shot a 6.313″ 50-3x Screamer!

Walt won;
1st Place Hunter Score 283-7x
1st Place Team Competition
5th Place Light Gun Score 280-2x
6th Place Light Gun Group 12.740″

Congratulations Walt!